• Bamboo Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Shoe Bench Boot Rack Entryway Storage Shelf

  • Natural Bamboo Adult and Children'sToothbrushes

  • For thousands of years bamboo has been utilized for building purposes, and now with the world becoming so much more environmentally conscious they have abandoned other traditional building materials to turn to this eco-friendly material.

    From furniture construction to flooring, textiles and everyday household items, just about anything can be made from this versatile resource. Many people are not aware that although it is a strong and hearty material, bamboo is actually a grass. It is one of the fastest growing plants making it one of the most rapidly renewable resources on earth. So while hardwood trees can sometimes take hundreds of years to renew after logging, bamboo can be harvested every 3-7 years of the growing cycle, and continue to grow stronger and bigger after every cycle. Bamboo can also yield almost 20 times more building material than hardwood trees, and with this abundance comes lower and more affordable prices.

  • When it comes to furniture pieces or flooring, bamboo is a great choice for its affordability and sustainability. It is also harder than steel and other hardwoods leading to the highest quality and durable products. At My Bamboo Home you will find the best selection of bamboo furniture ranging from dining room sets to living room chairs, coffee tables, end tables, bedroom sets and accent tables. Our furniture and flooring comes in a multitude of gorgeous finishes and styles to perfectly suit your home with its unique grain and attractive color variation. 

    We also carry other bamboo products such as window treatments, blinds, shutters, mats, rugs and other textiles to complete your home. If you want to take smaller steps in becoming more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, you can start by replacing some of your household items that you use on a regular day-to-day basis such as dishes and cutlery as well as makeup brushes, hairbrushes and other personal items. 

    We have everything you need to outfit your home with this incredible, eco-friendly resource here at My Bamboo Home.