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  • Floors Windows Walls

    There are countless ways to incorporate bamboo into your home with it’s ability to replace wood pieces in your home as well as textiles and other household objects such as blinds, mats, shutters, rugs and wood flooring. My Bamboo home showcases flooring, wall and window products made from this eco-friendly and sustainable material that you need to outfit your home. 

    Many homeowners choose to go with bamboo flooring over more traditional types of flooring for several reasons. First and most importantly, bamboo is abundant and rapidly renewable making it the most eco-friendly choice for homeowners. Bamboo flooring is extremely strong, much more so than other traditional hardwoods. It also has a natural resistance to insects, moisture and mildew making it a smart investment for all homeowners. Find the best selection of bamboo hardwoods for your home in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

  • Window treatments are extremely helpful in keeping your home private, keeping it cooler in the summer, maintaining warmth in the winter, and adding style and design to your living spaces. Browse My Bamboo Home to find everything from roman shades to roll up blinds to dress your windows and fit your home's style. 

    On the outside of your home you can dress up your windows with gorgeous bamboo shutters to give your home some character and curb appeal. Bamboo rugs and mats are another great addition to your household. With their incredible durability they stand up to lots of use that make them perfect for heavy traffic areas of your home, as well as the natural and earth feeling that they can bring to your living spaces. 

    My Bamboo Home has all of the floor and window treatments for inside and outside your home that are durable, eco-friendly and stylish.