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    In recent years consumers have been leaning towards furniture made of bamboo to outfit their homes rather than more traditional types of wood. This is because bamboo is the world’s most eco-friendly and rapidly renewable resource, and is known for it’s beauty, style and quality. Bamboo can be used to make classic looking furniture pieces in place of woods like oak or cedar to give a piece a less heavy and dated look while still maintaining a classic style. Bamboo is also used to make modern looking furniture pieces with its clean and sleek finish that is unique looking compared to other more common materials. My Bamboo home can show you the best selection of furniture made from this incredibly resource that will suit both your home and your personal style.

  • Furniture makers love to create pieces out of bamboo because of the incredible natural beauty that it has. They appreciate it for it’s beauty as well as its versatility, with the light yet warm rich tones in the wood that make it stand out. The attractive grain and color variation in bamboo gives furniture pieces character and life. Another important factor for using bamboo is that it is much harder than other woods, ensuring maximum strength and stability of these products. Our furniture collection makes use of both classic and exotic bamboo in many different colors and finishes. Find everything from living and dining room sets with tables, chairs, coffee tables, side tables and accent tables to bedroom sets and office pieces. Everything you need to outfit your home with beautiful pieces of bamboo furniture can be found right at My Bamboo Home.