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There are countless ways to incorporate bamboo into your home with its ability to replace wood pieces in your home as well as textiles and other household objects such as blinds, mats, shutters, rugs and wood flooring.

When it comes to living more conscious of the effect that you have on the environment, finding eco-friendly items to use in your day-to-day life can make a huge impact. By simply switching out items that we use regularly for something that is less harmful for the environment like plastics and synthetic materials, you can rest easy knowing there is less waste of the earth’s precious natural resources. Bamboo is such an environmentally friendly material because it grows over five times faster than average compared to other types of hardwood, and is a sustainable, raw material. Since it is a grass it can also grow in a wide range of climates without the use of any pesticides or chemicals, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly material that is also incredibly versatile.

Check out My Bamboo Home for a wide range of everyday household items and essentials made from bamboo to help you have a more environmentally friendly home.

Think of all of the items that you use in your daily routine around the house, and just how many could be replaced with more eco-friendly versions. From the slipper, you put on your feet first thing in the morning to the bath towels, toilet paper and toothbrushes. All of these household items are available in bamboo. There are many styles of makeup brushes made with bamboo handles that you use to perfect your beauty routine, as well as hairbrushes and bathroom storage solutions. Equip your kitchen with bamboo products as well with everything ranging from dishes and cutlery to cutting boards, table runners, and placemats. It’s so easy to make a change to better the environment.

By looking at the items we use daily we can start to make a great change in the effect we have on our ecosystem, from the pens we use to the sunglasses we wear. There are countless items that can be made from the amazing and renewable source that is bamboo.

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